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Customer Forms

pdf Account Credit Transfer(193 kb)

pdf Animal Nuisance Form(256 kb)

pdf Barking Dog Nuisance Form(1029 kb)

pdf Change of Postal Address(108 kb)

pdf Deputation Request Form(114 kb)

pdf Development Application(343 kb)

pdf Food Business Notification Form(610 kb)

pdf Foodies Request Form(242 kb)

pdf Petition to Council Form(64 kb)

pdf Request for Property File Information(87 kb)

pdf Roxby Power - Application for Supply of Electricity(130 kb)

pdf Roxby Power - Auto Pay Request(660 kb)

pdf Roxby Power - Bond Refund Request(156 kb)

pdf Roxby Power - Cancellation of Auto Payment or Direct Debit(104 kb)

pdf Roxby Power - Change of Electricity Account Details(75 kb)

pdf Roxby Power - Credit Refund Request(321 kb)

pdf Roxby Power - Direct Debit Agreement(803 kb)

pdf Roxby Power - Installers Application for Solar System Form(83 kb)

pdf Roxby Power - Network Access Permit(214 kb)

pdf Roxby Power - Notification of Installation Removal of Life Support Equipment(75 kb)

pdf Roxby Power - Payment Arrangement(144 kb)

pdf Roxby Power - Request for Solar Power Credit Refund Form(156 kb)

pdf Roxby Power - Transfer or Vacating Form(260 kb)

pdf Roxby Water - Account Query Details(310 kb)

pdf Roxby Water - Application for Metered Hydrant Form(188 kb)

pdf Roxby Water - Application Supply of Water(349 kb)

pdf Roxby Water - Auto Pay Request(168 kb)

pdf Roxby Water - Cancellation of Auto Payment or Direct Debit(92 kb)

pdf Roxby Water - Credit Refund Request(330 kb)

pdf Roxby Water - Direct Debit Agreement(192 kb)

pdf Roxby Water - Interim Water Account(312 kb)

pdf Roxby Water - Notification of Settlement of Property Water Form(61 kb)

pdf Roxby Water - Payment Arrangement(143 kb)

pdf Roxby Water - Water & Sewer Connection Application(29 kb)

pdf Roxby Water - Water & Sewer Connection Application Form(129 kb)

pdf Warm Water System Registration Form(119 kb)

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6 Richardson Place

Roxby Downs SA 5725

Monday to Friday

9.00am - 5.00pm

Closed Public Holidays

PO Box 124

Roxby Downs SA 5725

Phone: (08) 8671 0010

Fax: (08) 8671 0452

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Roxby Downs South Australia