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Roxby Downs is a gateway to the Outback with the Borefield Road leading you to the Oodnadatta Track that follows the Old Ghan Railway from Adelaide to Alice Springs.  You can explore the many railway sidings and buildings, natural artesian springs, Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre National Park and the towns of William Creek, Marree and Oodnadatta.


William Creek

With only a 3 hour drive from Roxby Downs and just over 250 kms you will reach one of the smallest towns in Australia, William Creek. William Creek marks the half way point between Marree and Oodnadatta along the famous Oodnadatta Track.

The town is situated on the world's largest cattle station - Anna Creek Station, and sits 60 kms from the nearby Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre National Park. Operating out of William Creek is the company Wrightsair providing scenic Flights over Lake Eyre and the nearby painted Hills during all seasons. You can learn about the history of the Old Ghan Railway line, view the outdoor museum showing a small collection of rocket memorabilia from the Woomera Rocket Range or simply relax in the historic William Creek Hotel.

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Sitting at the junction of the Birdsville and Oodnadatta Tracks at just over 180 kms and roughly 2 and a quarter hours’ drive from Roxby Downs you have Marree. The historic town gives you an insight into past days, see the old mail truck used to by renowned Outback mailman Tom Kruse at the Museum Park and also visit the Marree Hotel that hosts the Tom Kruse Collection, a tribute to the legendary Birdsville mailman. Visit the Arabunna Aboriginal Community Centre for authentic artefacts and fossil displays. The Marree Hotel offers friendly outback service and can organise a scenic flight to be taken over Lake Eyre.

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The town for which the Oodnadatta Track was named situated 450 kms North of Roxby Downs has to this day retained much of its pioneering character. Main attractions of the town include the Pink Roadhouse, they offer updated road conditions, maps and outback travel advise. You can learn how the town once worked at the Rail Station Museum or test your skills of low tyre pressure driving on the amateur driving loop before crossing the Simpson Desert.

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Roxby Downs - Bopeechee

1.75 hours | 122 km
Bopeechee - Marree 1.25 hours | 65km
Bopeechee - William Creek 2.00 hours | 134 km
William Creek - Cooper Pedy 2.00 hours | 160 km
William Creek - Algebuckina 2.00 hours | 143 km
Algebuckina - Oodnadatta 1.00 hour   |   56 km 
Oodnadatta - Marla 3.00 hours | 208 km
Oodnadatta - Coober Pedy 2.50 hours | 190 km
Oodnadatta - Dalhousie Springs   3.50 hours | 179 km
Dalhousie - Kulgera 3.00 hours | 355 km

(Minimum times you should allow in good weather)

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