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eBilling Options for existing accounts:

Your accounts with Roxby Council, Roxby Water and Roxby Power are now able to receive electronic billing (eBilling) instead of the paper copy via mail that you have received in the past.

  Some of the Benefits of eBilling

  • This is a free service
  • Having one less piece of mail to sort through
  • You avoid mailing delays in receiving your bill
  • By going paperless, eBilling saves trees, energy and resources

  How to Opt-In to eBilling

Your details will need to be updated in our system, enabling you to receive a notification for your Rates, Electricity and Water accounts. This will assist many of our customers now being able to access your bill online as a PDF download even from your mobile device or tablet.


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Any enquiries should be directed to the Council Office via email or phone (08) 8671 0010.



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