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STARCLUB is a sports club management initiative of the state government through the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing.   A STARCLUB is a well-run club where quality coaches and officials work alongside valued volunteers in a safe and welcoming environment.

STARCLUB can help your club identify what it is doing well, and possible areas for development. By participating in the STARCLUB program your club will receive information and support to help your club to provide the best environment possible for your members and the wider community.


Why become a STARCLUB?

  • STARCLUB development programs are designed for use by sport and active recreation clubs of all sizes.  

  • STARCLUB is free and all sport and recreation organisations can participate.  

  • The STARCLUB program is specific to current South Australian legislation and is updated regularly to reflect state and national best practice in club development.  

  • Having STARCLUB accreditation can help grow your membership as people are attracted to well managed, inclusive and welcoming clubs.

  • A STARCLUB Field Officer can help your club become STARCLUB accredited


What does a STARCLUB Field Officer do?

A STARCLUB Field Officer is active in the Roxby Downs region.  The Field Officer works closely with local sport and recreation clubs and associations to facilitate high quality participation opportunities to the community.    The Roxby Downs STARCLUB Field Officer also works closely with the Roxby Council, Roxbylink and Sport and Recreation Forum to support groups and clubs on a range of matters including:

•Grants and funding advice

•Recruitment and training of volunteers

•Creating child safe environments – legal responsibilities for sport and recreation clubs and associations

•Strategic planning for sports clubs

•Supporting associations and clubs to access and utilise the STARCLUB development program

•Training and development opportunities for sporting club volunteers, coaches and officials

•Advocating on behalf of clubs and associations with Council and State sporting organisations


STARCLUB Club Development Program

The STARCLUB Club Development Program is a voluntary, free, online program recognised throughout the State sports industry as a best practice governance model and high.  STARCLUB offers both an Online Assessment Tool and a printable assessment booklet.  

There are 4 parts to STARCLUB Recognition:

(i)   Level 1 - Registered

(ii)  Level 2 - Submitted

(iii) Level 3 - Provisional Online Status Achieved

(iv)  Level 4 - Full STARCLUB Recognition


There are 5 key parts to Club Recognition with each component being an important measure of how well your Club is run:

  1. Well Managed
  2. Coaches and Officials

  3. Volunteers Valued

  4. Positive and Welcoming

  5. Safe for Alll

        6. Sustainability (optional)


Roxby Downs STARCLUB Field Officer:

Michelle Smith - Phone - 8671 0050; Mobile - 0428 723 870

email -


Useful Links

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